HVAC Equipment Lifecycle Analysis

The upfront cost of HVAC components often represents only 5% of their total cost of ownership over 20 or more years. Yet many organizations purchase HVAC upgrades on a first-cost basis, issuing requests for proposals (RFPs) that seek the lowest possible pricing for the initial equipment purchase.

Since a major HVAC project is a significant, long-term capital asset, well-managed facilities instead are maximizing efficiency and saving money by evaluating HVAC projects via their life cycle cost.

A full life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) compares initial, maintenance, repair, and operating costs over the life of an HVAC system. The LCCA particularly examines such critical variables as equipment materials behaviour, intended facility use, environmental conditions, and projected energy costs.

A comprehensive LCCA can pinpoint bad bargains such as supposedly “low-price” systems that turn out to feature unacceptably short life spans or excessively large lifetime operational costs.

An LCC analysis is a valuable assessment to help organizations build and maintain their facilities as assets, not commodities. Partnering with an innovative, HVAC partner like Stolz is the first step toward optimal performance and efficiency.

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